Monday, March 29, 2010

Developed Model

I decided to develop my sketch called Hiding, Shiny. I applied my hand drawn textures to the model. The gallery space is the open space beneath the above ground studio. (Above studio is for Swallow, below studio is for Piccinini)

36 textures

Sketch sections

Sketch sections

Sketch sections

Man-made, Hiding

This is my second draft model. In this sketchup model the artist studio above ground is for Piccinini and the below ground studio is for Swallow. The model was inspired by the above sketch section. The gallery space is inside the shell of the above ground studio but the studio and the gallery space are disconnected from each other by the stairs and the corridors making up the studio space.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hiding, Shiny

These are images from my first attempt at using sketchup and they are inspired by the section shown above. The top artist gallery is for Swallow and the bottom is for Piccinini

Monday, March 8, 2010

PICCININI: Animal, man-made, shiny
SWALLOW: Wheel, hiding, secretive
GOODWIN: Machine, separated, tangled
This is a drawing I created by tracing the features of my face with one hand and drawing on paper what I was feeling with the other hand, whilst my eyes were closed and keeping the pen on the paper, creating an image from a continuous line. Then I added different and contrasting colours to the various sections that were created.

B:, 8 March 2010
This is a photo of a house that was featured on the TV show 'Grand Designs' that I watch. I really liked this design because they kept the look of this old 19th century sandstone house and created a new house with a modern interior within the original walls.

This is a photo I took of the bush surrounding a holiday house I went to once. I love how unique the Australian bush is and I think that the structure and shape of the gum trees in the foreground is quite interesting. I also like the different shades of blue of the clouds.